Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fondue for you...

We had a mentor benefit that we invited some of our students that are doing really well. We invited Tommy and Charlie to the benefit and we had a fondue fountain and a few different items to dunk/drench in chocolate. The boys loved it and had an awesome time.

Students top ten things to fondue;

  1. Oreo cookies ( sounds bad but really is pretty good)

  2. Pretzels

  3. Bannanas

  4. Strawberries

  5. Graham Crackers

  6. Chocolate Chip Cookies ( as if there wasn't enough chocolate in them already)

  7. Vanilla Wafers

  8. Apples

  9. Pineapple

  10. Potato Chips ( didn't have them there this time but maybe next time)

We played dominoes to give the students a visual aid on how they need to have their "tiles" or "priorities" lined up in order to win the game. It was surprising to see how they did in the game and then related it to their own programs.

The End Result!!!

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