Friday, January 8, 2010

What is your favorite candy bar?

What is yours? Almost every student said reeses peanut butter cup.
Matt; Eat the edges all the way around and then eat the middle.
Wade; One bite at a time
Ethan; Break it in half then eat each piece in one bite.
Anthony; Eat the whole thing in one big bite.
Jacob; Try to eat the peanut butter first then the chocolate.

This is a game where you toss the ball from player to player and each player has a color coded wrist band and the ball can detect what wristband catches the ball so it takes some skill. The boys loved it and wanted to play forever!!

Its not as easy as it looks!! Ha HaWe had Wade and Jacob put on wristbands on each hand so it would be harder and they did really well. The high score was set by Brigham and his wife with 64 catches.

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