Sunday, February 7, 2010


Our Athletic Director (Robbie)  put on a "mini combine" for the boys to showcase their athletic ability. The boys loved it and were excited to "show off" for the other boys and the staff.

Here is Tony flexing for the camera!
Jake wanted to get the blood flowing before the big challenge as well.
How many kids does it take to lift 275lbs?
Here is Robbie giving his best pep talk to get the boys ready to give it their all!

                                          And it starts! Dominic and Tommy were the first to go.
Here is Jon and Cameron
Matt, Marcin and Ryan gave it a run for the money.

Anthony and Danila really pushed it.

Jordan had a blast at the races.

Here is Mack and Brian.

Jake and his friends were having a great time, this is the 3rd race between these guys.

George and Matt really had a good competition going between each other.
Here is Josh and Drew.

Tony and Ryan were having a blast!!

Aaron tried his speed against some of the older boys.
Here is Ethan stretching for the win!!
Here is Greg pushing it.
Here is the beginning of the last heat. Starting with 7
Here they are halfway!!

Now we are down to 4!!

And they're off!! Can Stone Ridge pull off Victory?
It's still anyone's race!!!
And here are your winners!!!
We will be adding more events in the next few days!!

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