Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First BBQ of the year!!

On Saturday we had the first BBQ of the spring/summer!! The students loved it and it went amazing. There is just something about BBQ food that tastes amazing and gives you that feeling of summer.
Just looking at this food makes me hungry!!

"Bet you can't have just one." Gotta love the potato chips!

Here is a couple of guys anxiously waiting to get their food.

The boys came up with this pose on their own, it was supposed to be their sophisticated look?  What do you  think?

Just happy to be at a BBQ with our friends!!

The staff love these kind of events because it gives them an opportunity to mingle a little more with the students and really enjoy what they do!!

Here is Family 5 plannig their strategy to be first in line for the food!!
The BBQ was a success and we are excited to have many more and so are the students!

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