Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fishing With The Mentors

The weather is warming up and the mentors wanted to have a benefit outside.Today was a perfect day 77 degrees and nothin but sunshine!! We had the students put their own worms on and it was hilarious to see these "tough guys" squirming as much as the worms they were hooking!!

Some of the students had never been fishing like this and so the expierenced students were helping them out!!
Even though we were not having any luck the boys were still happy and optimistic!!
Fishing is all about patience and some of the boys started to doubt that this was going to be "fun".
Then we struck gold with this 16" monster from the lower pond!!
Within 5 minutes we had another one hooked and then the boys were "hooked"!!!
This one was a team effort after losing a few trying to get them on the dock!! Way to go guys!!
It may be small but it still counts!!
They were so proud to finally catch a bass!!
Some of us had to untangle the lines a couple of times but stuck with it!!
Others were willing to do just about anything to get a big one!!
End Result was everyone had fun and can't wait to go again.
Then they just turned goofy!
It was sooo much fun and the boys loved learning something new and also teaching each other some skills they possessed! DRA is so grateful to be working with these youth and pleased with their ablities and enthusiastic personalities!! Thanks for being so awesome fellas!!

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