Friday, March 5, 2010


Spring cleaning at DRA is in full swing!! Here are some photos that display the boys cleaning abilities. The boys understand now what it takes and means to DEEP clean! They had fun doing it and they loved seeing the "fruits of their labors".

Here are the men behind the MadneSS!!
The 3 Musketeers!!
The boys found out that even underneath things get dirty!!
Now Tony knows what it means to clean out the FRidGE!!
Even cleaning the things that hold the clean things!
Who would of thought that dirt could've got back here?
Chris doing dishes with a smile!
Yes, even clean the walls?
The boys were happy to see that they were apart of the finish product. They wanted to show their parents they actually do know how to clean. Now the parents can hold them to this high standard when they get home. Every parent wants their oven to be this clean!!

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