Friday, April 23, 2010


The boys have been dying to see this movie!!!
But before we go into that, we had a meeting before the benefit and we talked to the students about NOT being mediocre and to be great. We gave them ideas and tools on how to become the type of person that others look UP to and how that can translate both at DRA and outside of DRA. It opened alot of the boys minds and they were very engaged in the conversation and discussion. There were a couple of students that came up afterwards and wanted to help put on a workshop about this topic for all the students. It was awesome!
The #1 movie of all time!!( to some people) The students could barely hold back their excitement for this one!!
And then the treats just topped it off!!
Here are the boys during the movie some of them couldn't even look away for the picture!!
For this benefit we took only students and supervisors, we wanted them to have the tools we were talking about at the beginning of their program so they would be able to excel for the rest of their program. All of the boys have been so grateful for the benefit and cant wait for the next one!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Last night we had a chocolate fondue fountain party and the boys loved it!! We had strawberries, bannanas, graham crackers, and oreos for dipping.

Here is the crew that came to the benefit last night. They were awesome and they had an awesome time!

For this party there was some certian criteria that the students had to meet. They had to pass their week, they had to write at least 3 letters home this week, and they had to have helped out a fellow student in some aspect of their program. All of these boys stepped up to the challenge!! We are so proud of these guys and hope to see everyone on Stone Ridge here next time!! Way To Go Guys!!