Sunday, May 30, 2010

JV Baseball Victory!!

The JV baseball team has had a rough season and decided they were not going down without a fight!! The players were excited for the game and ready to play with heart!
Here are the boys cheering on each other as they were batting in the first inning.
The boys played great defense, here is Jake getting to the bag before the other team player for an easy out.
Here is Cameron getting ready for the pitch!
Cameron smacked this one!
Here is Corbin coming home off the hit by Cameron.
Conner had an amazing game pitching, there were multiple 3 up and 3 down innings!
Check out the form!
Here is the release! And it is a strike!
George hit this one hard and was watching it thinking it was out of the park but fell short by about 10 feet! Nice hit man!
Here is Matt right before he sprinted home!
Here is Greg playing second base, he had some awesome stops during the game!
Here is Bryan "swinging for the fences"!
Here is one of the mulitple times Cameron made it home!
Marcin got a piece of this one, and just enough for Matt to steal second base. Sometimes the little things pay off!
Here is Greg with one of his nice stops. This one was a high bouncing grounder.
The game was pretty relaxing for the outfield due to the awesome pitching and work by the infield. Tony did have a good save during the 4th inning.
Here is Marcin giving some advice to Conner to calm down and keep his wits about him after allowing 2 hits. These 2 have an awesome relationship on the field.
Tony was really wanting to put this one over the fence!
Here is Shamsi letting a bad pitch go by, way to watch 'em and not get greedy!
Here is Jake getting some advice from the first base coach.
Sam up to bat, keeping his eye on the ball!
Here is the team giving a yell for the opposing team. The Diamond back Dodgers won the Padres 11-2 in 6 innings. The game was cut short due to the time limit. the boys were really excited and can't wait for the next game!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Triathlete Visits DRA

Ironman Triathlon officials announced that St. George would be the newest destination for one of their premiere triathlon competitions. Just two-thousand five hundred athletes will be allowed to compete in this race which will be just one of seven Ironman full-distance triathlon races in the United States.  Saturday, May 1st, 2010 marked the first time such an event has ever been hosted in St. George, Utah.

What is Ironman?

Male and female athletes from 47 states and 30 countries, began the event by swimming a 2.4 mile distance in the Sand Hollow Reservoir.  Insulated with wet suits the cool waters (59 degrees!!!) were handled quite well by most swimmers.  After some of the nearly 4,000 race volunteers helped athletes peel off their wet suits at the end of the swim, the competitors then changed into bike gear...

Then comes a 112 mile road cycling course.   This stage of the race follows roads through the cities of Washington County.  Cyclists pedaled a large double loop around Snow Canyon State Park. 


The final stage, a 26 mile marathon, traveled a course from downtown St. George along the gorgeous red rock formations that line the northern skyline of the city.  Though impossible to count, officials estimated that at least 10,000 spectators showed up!


On May 11th, Eric Sullivan, the fastest amateur triathlete came and spoke to the students at Diamond Ranch.  He came in 15th overall with a total time of 9:35:19!  He spent 30-35 hours a week training, but this was by far his most difficult event location to date.  (But the scenery was great!!)

He shared some motivational thoughts with DRA students:

  • Mental Strength is just as important as physical strength. 

  • Be grateful for what you have and never forget that it could always be worse

  • Plan ahead but don't get overwhelmed by the big picture.  Take large challenges one day at a time.

  • You have to be stubborn, never give up, and stay focused on your goals

  • Overcoming challenges becomes easier when you know you have teammates who are counting on you AND you know that they are there for you.

What a great presentation...Thanks for your great words of advice!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Zion Hike!!

We had a hike in Zion last week and it was amazing!!

We did the emerald pools hike it is a pretty short yet beautiful hike!
It starts out at a park with all these really old trees like this one.
This is the view at the very beginning of the hike! It was gorgeous!!
The students were really excited to start hiking and had awesome attitudes!!
Just a couple hundred yards into the hike you get to walk under a couple of waterfalls, it is very breathtaking!
Here is the view right underneath one of the falls.
Here is another one of the smaller waterfalls that you walk under.
If you look hard, you can see the boys standing behind the waterfall!!
The colors on the hike were spectacular!!
There were this awesome rock benches along the trail to take a quick break on.
The boys wanted a photo with me in it so here it is, I had an awesome time as well. I love doing these type of events with the students because they are sooo grateful for them.
Here are some views from the halfway point on the hike!
These trees were literally growing out of rock cliff!!
This is the last waterfall of the hike and is at the end of the hike it splashes down on the rocks and makes a calming pond and a stream that runs down to the other falls.
There were these squirrels everywhere by the last waterfall!!
Then the boys started their victory dance!!
Then on the way back down you get cooled off again by the waterfalls at the start of the hike!!
It was awesome to see the boys keep there trash and even pick up some that wasn't theirs along the trail and then not only through it away but recycle alot of it! We are so proud of the students and the way they behaved and treated others. They were polite to the old and young and helped some of the elderly people hiking without even being asked!! Way to go guys!