Sunday, May 9, 2010

Zion Hike!!

We had a hike in Zion last week and it was amazing!!

We did the emerald pools hike it is a pretty short yet beautiful hike!
It starts out at a park with all these really old trees like this one.
This is the view at the very beginning of the hike! It was gorgeous!!
The students were really excited to start hiking and had awesome attitudes!!
Just a couple hundred yards into the hike you get to walk under a couple of waterfalls, it is very breathtaking!
Here is the view right underneath one of the falls.
Here is another one of the smaller waterfalls that you walk under.
If you look hard, you can see the boys standing behind the waterfall!!
The colors on the hike were spectacular!!
There were this awesome rock benches along the trail to take a quick break on.
The boys wanted a photo with me in it so here it is, I had an awesome time as well. I love doing these type of events with the students because they are sooo grateful for them.
Here are some views from the halfway point on the hike!
These trees were literally growing out of rock cliff!!
This is the last waterfall of the hike and is at the end of the hike it splashes down on the rocks and makes a calming pond and a stream that runs down to the other falls.
There were these squirrels everywhere by the last waterfall!!
Then the boys started their victory dance!!
Then on the way back down you get cooled off again by the waterfalls at the start of the hike!!
It was awesome to see the boys keep there trash and even pick up some that wasn't theirs along the trail and then not only through it away but recycle alot of it! We are so proud of the students and the way they behaved and treated others. They were polite to the old and young and helped some of the elderly people hiking without even being asked!! Way to go guys!

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