Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Advancements 6.17.10

Here are Fellas that recieved their advancement.
Chris,Will, and Micah are our newest Supervisors!!
Andy is the newest manager and upper level!!
Brian recieved graduate and is super excited to go on his visit!!

As you can see Tony was grinning from ear to ear after he got Graduate!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dutch Oven?

You might be asking yourself "What is a Dutch Oven?" Almost all of the boys were saying the same thing. Dutch Oven is one of the best(in my opinion) ways to cook food! This benefit was designed to help the boys understand "work/cook first then play/eat later." Or "Cook good eat Good!!"
Here are a couple of the boys trying to get the coals started.
Brian was trying his hardest to make some wind to get it going faster!
All of the boys were able to pitch in and help!! Got to hand it to the upper levels!
Gates was trying to multi-task both playing football and starting the coals!
Kyle was breading the chicken before putting in to slow cook!!
Marcin and Jake were the watch dogs over the food while it was cooking!! They were a big help.
Here is Shamsi and Greg savoring the food!! One of the comments from everyone was: "It was worth the wait!"
Alex and Junior were serenading the group while we cooked with the ukulele and their voices. They surprised us all with how good they were!
Ethan was a big help with the cleanup!!

My mom related a story to me when I was younger about the "mother hen". It talks about how a hen went around the farm asking everyone if they wanted to help make some bread, they could help get the wheat or mix the ingredients, etc... But no one wanted to help. Then after the hen was done cooking the bread and everyone could smell it, they came running over and asking to have some of the delicious looking bread. And the hen asked them "where were you when I was asking for help making it!" This is a lesson I feel all of the students here should learn. It helps with them to be grateful and even mindful of what we as parents go through to make life for them easy and even possible. I related this story to the boys and they took it in stride and were so helpful with everything and then stated that the work was worth the prize! Even though that prize was just chicken and potatoes!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Making Levels!!

Today we did advancements and here are the men that "made it happen". 
Andrew is our newest Supervisor!!  The best quote from Andrew's speech was" procrastination , anger and hatred are all secondary emotions".
Here is Jake right after he was presented with Graduate!! Jake's famous quote from his speech was" I love my mom now not just like her".

           Marcin could hardly contain himself after finding out the good news of getting Graduate!! Here are a few words from his speech " No matter what the situation if I stayed strong my negative attitude would change into a positive one".

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BBQ Fever!

There is nothing like some freshly grilled burgers!!
Here are some of the guys just waiting for the food.
It was awesome to see all the different students getting to know everybody!
These guys were watching some of the antics that the other students were doing to pass the time.
Here is Alex trying to balance on the stump while waiting for the food.
It was a very relaxing day for the students.
One of the teachers was challenging the students to see if they could do a "superman" pushup. Only a handful could it is really hard!
Only a handful could do one of these pushups,  it is really hard!

Some of the students decided to have a "worm" contest. Some of the students are really good.
Here is one of the students doing "jumprope" with his own leg. It was hilarious to see some of the students trying this.

Once the students got their food they couldn't stop eating it!!

It is so fantastic to see the students having fun, and keeping all the conversations clean!
Here is Will doing his "robot" he is actually really good.

Tony and Luke were having such a good time!

David loved the BBQ!

David loved it so much that he was licking his plate.

There is nothing like a nap right after eating.

Here are a few more students catching some rays after the BBQ.

Here is the whole crew except for the students in O&A! Way to go Stone Ridge!!