Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BBQ Fever!

There is nothing like some freshly grilled burgers!!
Here are some of the guys just waiting for the food.
It was awesome to see all the different students getting to know everybody!
These guys were watching some of the antics that the other students were doing to pass the time.
Here is Alex trying to balance on the stump while waiting for the food.
It was a very relaxing day for the students.
One of the teachers was challenging the students to see if they could do a "superman" pushup. Only a handful could it is really hard!
Only a handful could do one of these pushups,  it is really hard!

Some of the students decided to have a "worm" contest. Some of the students are really good.
Here is one of the students doing "jumprope" with his own leg. It was hilarious to see some of the students trying this.

Once the students got their food they couldn't stop eating it!!

It is so fantastic to see the students having fun, and keeping all the conversations clean!
Here is Will doing his "robot" he is actually really good.

Tony and Luke were having such a good time!

David loved the BBQ!

David loved it so much that he was licking his plate.

There is nothing like a nap right after eating.

Here are a few more students catching some rays after the BBQ.

Here is the whole crew except for the students in O&A! Way to go Stone Ridge!!

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