Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Summer Bash is finally here!! This day is sooo much fun for both the students and the staff! It starts off with a movie at the local theatre! The students get popcorn, drinks, and a candy. The students were so happy and thankful for getting to go to a "real" movie. One of the students said" It is so nice to see how just going to a movie theatre can be so cool, I feel like I took advantage of my situation at home cause I used to go to the movie theatres every weekend back at home"!!

All the boys were so kind to each other and waited in line for everybody to get their stuff and no one complained!
After the Movie we came back to the ranch and had a BBQ and then started some the other festivities!
Here are some of the boys waiting in line for their food.
Then it was time for the DUNK TANK!! River decided to take the plunge and was one of the first to do it.
Christian decided to go next and did not know what he was in for!
Here is the surprise that he felt as he hit the cold water!
Simon waited for his turn and then there was no turning back!
I dont think he was ready when seat fell out from under him.
Now it is on to ULTIMATE FRISBEE!! Paul was explaining the rules to the boys before the game started.
The boys loved playing the organized games that were setup.
These guys really took the game and competition seriously!
Now it is on to the water sports! At first the guys were a little "sheepish" about getting into the pond due to the "sea weed" at the bottom. After 2-3 boys got in, it was a " free for all!!"
Who would of thought that a couple of tubes and some water could entertain 40 plus boys for over an hour! They would have stayed in there all day if we would have let them!
"King of the tube" was everyone's favorite game to play in the pond!
Even the Directors had their chance to get dunked! Here is our Athletic Director Robbie taken the plunge!
It took all the boys chanting but we finally got Fotu(Executive Director) to get in! Way to be a good sport Fotu!
 The Boys loved the Fun Day and can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

DRA Football Camp

Football at DRA is one of the most exciting times of year! The ranch has a different attitude all together. Everyone is excited and can't wait to either play in the games or watch the games either way the students are excited. This year the coaches took a little different approach to the season and started with a football camp of our own DRA style(tough,emotional, and rewarding)!! So on the first day the boys were woken up at 5 am!! Yes 5am and went on a 7 mile uphill run into the desert mountians! It was extremely tough and it took more than just individual efforts, the boys had to work as a team and push each other through it! They did awesome! The boys didn't even know that at the top of the mountian was this beautiful waterfall oasis.

This waterfall is in the middle of some desolate mountians and is very refreshing!
The boys were sooo happy after running 7 miles uphill to see the waterfalls!! And they were sooo grateful to all the coaches as well.
After the run and some other little activities, the boys were able to SAVOR a delicious meal from the "islands" prepared by our Executive Director!!
Here is Jerrod and Micah after a rough day at camp and still smiling!
Here is a few other students waiting patiently in line for their food. It smelled sooo good!!
There was BBQ pork and Chicken with "sticky" rice and some "special" chicken that the boys loved, but we couldn't get the recipe for, and some awesome watermelon concoction for a dessert!
Luke was trying really hard to not eat with his mouth open! Good manners Luke!
There wasn't alot of talking at the table due to the fact that the food was amazing and the boys were really tired.
After every event the coaches took the opportunity to relate the experiences the students just had, to real life and how the youth could use the things they learn at camp back at home and at the ranch!
Every time the coaches did the little meetings at the end of the experiences, it always got a little emotional from both students and staff. It was amazing to be a part of and I know the boys feel the same way!!
Here is your 2010 Football Team!! Go D-Backs!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Triple Diamond Award!!

The "Triple Diamond Award" is for students that have been consistently doing well in their program for the previous month. This month's theme was "weekend fun". The objective for the benefit was to show the students how they can have fun on a weekend without drugs,alcohol, or doing anything illegal! We also gave them a budget so they had to plan for the upcoming things to do and places to eat! Our first stop was for lunch and everyone decided on burgers so we stopped at the local "Iceberg", they have burgers and shakes that will knock your socks off!
Yes they have been around a long time!
Here is one of the students carefully sculpting his ice cream cone!
Next stop was hiking on the "DIXIE" hill! The boys loved it! Here is Micah hanging on for dear life under one of the cool over hanging rocks!(he was only 2 feet off the ground)
Here is Tommy and Micah racing up the face off the giant rocks!

 Tommy managed to squeeze himself into this little hole in the rock!
This was one of the beautiful look out spots during the hike!
Here they are resting under one of the trees that was growing right out of the rocks!
This is the beginning of a huge crack in the rocks that was about 50 yards long and 20 feet deep!
Micah squeezed his way through the awesome crack in the rocks!
Next stop was a coin shop to broaden the students minds of what is "cool".
Tommy and Micah loved all the cool things that the shop had and were surprised that they had sooooo much of it.
They had some really cool old coins for really cheap!
This is a gold bar that they found at the bottom of the ocean after a ship that was transporting gold and had sunk!
Then it was on to dinner at the "world famous" Troy's BBQ. ( Ok so it isn't world famous but tastes like it should be!)

They had this really cool little bench inside as part of the waiting room.
Inside the BBQ place they let you "make your mark" on the walls of the entire resturant! It was really cool and all the boys made sure they left their mark!
Then it was on to dessert! Crave is a favorite of the locals!
Not real sure how guilt free it really is but it sure tastes amazing!
There are soooo many toppings you can pile on the 12 different flavors of frozen yogurt!
It was nice to kick back and relax and have cold dessert after being out in the heat all day!!