Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Summer Bash is finally here!! This day is sooo much fun for both the students and the staff! It starts off with a movie at the local theatre! The students get popcorn, drinks, and a candy. The students were so happy and thankful for getting to go to a "real" movie. One of the students said" It is so nice to see how just going to a movie theatre can be so cool, I feel like I took advantage of my situation at home cause I used to go to the movie theatres every weekend back at home"!!

All the boys were so kind to each other and waited in line for everybody to get their stuff and no one complained!
After the Movie we came back to the ranch and had a BBQ and then started some the other festivities!
Here are some of the boys waiting in line for their food.
Then it was time for the DUNK TANK!! River decided to take the plunge and was one of the first to do it.
Christian decided to go next and did not know what he was in for!
Here is the surprise that he felt as he hit the cold water!
Simon waited for his turn and then there was no turning back!
I dont think he was ready when seat fell out from under him.
Now it is on to ULTIMATE FRISBEE!! Paul was explaining the rules to the boys before the game started.
The boys loved playing the organized games that were setup.
These guys really took the game and competition seriously!
Now it is on to the water sports! At first the guys were a little "sheepish" about getting into the pond due to the "sea weed" at the bottom. After 2-3 boys got in, it was a " free for all!!"
Who would of thought that a couple of tubes and some water could entertain 40 plus boys for over an hour! They would have stayed in there all day if we would have let them!
"King of the tube" was everyone's favorite game to play in the pond!
Even the Directors had their chance to get dunked! Here is our Athletic Director Robbie taken the plunge!
It took all the boys chanting but we finally got Fotu(Executive Director) to get in! Way to be a good sport Fotu!
 The Boys loved the Fun Day and can't wait to do it again!

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