Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Lots of hands make light work"

Today we had a "beautification project". It is basically where we as a campus take the time to help keep our campus looking good! It is the same concept as having your son go out on Saturday and mow the lawn or weed the garden. After explaining this to the boys they started to take a little more pride in what our property looks like and actually had fun doing it! Don't worry we have the pics to prove it!But first let me introduce you to my "camera guys", Sam and Alex, these are the gentlemen responsible for the awesome photos that will be attached to this blog, way to go guys!
Here are a bunch of the guys just a few minutes into the project!
Kyle and Sasha showing off their "trophies".
David and Reece making their way back from dropping off a load of weeds at the huge burn pit behind them!
Here is James asking if it is ok to pick these bushes? Sorry man we wanted to leave those ones.
Here is Jerrod and Micah going for quantity not size!
Will and David hard at work.
River really didn't like the stickers but was a champion and did awesome!
I think Tommy was about to eat that bush! Alec was just trying to pretend to eat it.
It was cool to see how interested the boys got in some of the bugs and lizards we found!
Austin and Collin at the end and ready to be done with the project!
Abdul and Khalid they worked great together!
Danila had more fun than anybody!
And now the project is over hooray!
These are for you MOM!
"What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!" Showing off the guns!
The guys did awesome today and really did a good job. I think they started to see the big picture about taking care of something and "owning it". A lot of the students commented on how they felt good about doing it after and that the areas did look better. Awesome job guys, it does feel good to do an honest days hard work!

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