Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Triple Diamond Award!!

For the Triple Diamond Award this month we went Golfing at the Kokopelli Golf Course and had a pizza party!! The boys loved it and so did the staff that came. This month we took a couple of our therapists with us. The golf course has amazing views and is so peaceful the boys commented on it multiple times and said how much they loved it, even though they don't really play golf.
We took this photo after being out in the heat all day but the boys were still in a really good mood, it was a scorcher that day!
Here is Mike teeing off at the first hole!
Looks like he got a hold of that one!
Here is James who has actually golfed before and looked pretty good!
Check out the form! PGA here I come!
Here is Nathan one of our therapist teeing off, even though myself and him are not golfers we had so much fun!
This is just one of the many views along the course!
Here is James on the last hole. It was an amazing view!
And yes, I even tried to golf! The boys got a pretty good laugh seeing me try to play the game!

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