Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Contest!!

This year we decided to have a pumpkin carving contest for the halloween season! The boys were really excited about it. This was an upperlevel benefit so only the upperlevels were allowed to come to it. We used the carving kits that you can get at the store that have stencils that you can chose from and the boys chose these ones. 
Skull and Cross Bones both manly and scary!!
I think this one was supposed to be a skull with a smile? Looks great guys!
These guys decided to just scratch out the design instead of carving it out all the way. Looks good and it is different!

The boys did really well on the benefit and all of them said thank you and were extremely grateful! A lot of the boys said this was there favorite holiday after Christmas.  With all of our upperlevel meetings and benefits we discuss different items and try to tie it into what we are doing. This time we discussed how the pumpkins looked pretty ugly and dirty. Then after a little cleaning and some TLC (tender loving carving) they turned into works of art. We made the coralation to how when the youth come to DRA they are sometimes dirty and need some cleaning and TLC. And how sometimes you need to take away part of the person to get to the "real" person underneath and how when students leave DRA they are works of art!
Sorry about the pictures my flash broke on my camera!! It should be fixed soon!

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