Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's starting to look like Christmas!

It is starting to look like Christmas!! We came to work today and it had snowed a couple of inches.
 The orchard looked soo good even though it had no leaves or fruit!
 Just thought this was a cool picture!
 Pretty sure these are coyote tracks on the grass feild!
 I love this one!
 The mountians that surround the campus.
I love this time of year and it is amazing to see the world change in a matter of a night.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Service with a smile!

We have built a really good relationship with our neighboring towns and they love to have us come to service for them because they say our boys are hard workers and can still enjoy themselves.
 The city always gives them treats to get them going!
 There is nothing like food to motivate some young guys.
Now there is some teamwork!
 Proud of a good days work!
 These guys were good sports and gave a smile and thumbs up, this was at the end of the day and they were ready to go!
It may not look very heavy but it was! The pile was only half ours some others had been there earlier to get it started. One of the comments from the boys was" days like today make you feel good" it is so cool to see them feel the results of service and hard work! Thanks guys!

Just little boys at heart!!

For the halloween bash we had some inflatables and the boys had a blast!!
There was also a climbing wall and a jousting station!
Cole, Reece and Justin were playing superman!

Dom and Austin look like they are out for a leisurely stroll.

 The boys played king of the hill and Jerod stayed on for quite a few!
 Abdul was loving the Jousting!
 Josh was getting pretty good at the climbing wall.
 Hey did anyone lose a sock in the maze?
 Will got a 10 on this dismount out of the maze!
 Cole and JT were racing and almost didn't make it cause they were laughing so hard!
 Is that Crazy Horse? Nope it is Robbie our Athletic Director.
 Evan said he liked the free fall the best on the climbing wall.
 Now it's "down time" before the next event.
 Paul got in 1 last run on the slide!
"Captian Jack Sparrow" showed up too! It was actually Jon from medical.
The boys loved the events that were there and are really just little boys at heart. Dra was almost like never-never land for a day.