Friday, December 24, 2010

Giving a Little back!

A couple of weeks ago the boys were able to donate money out of their ledgers towards a food drive. The boys were very generous in their donations and DRA matched it with food. With the food that was donated there will be alot of happy families on Christmas this year.
These are some of the boys that were able to go take the food to the homless shelter. The boys said it was such an awesome feeling!

Christmas Tree (complete)!!

So after the shopping and the gift wrapping and the tinsel and ornaments and treats...... This is what we came up with. Not bad for some teenage boys working with what they had!! They had a ton of fun doing it and can't wait for christmas!!
All the boys participated in the decorating of the tree so please congratulate them on a job well done!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Tree Decortation Benefit

Time to Decorate the tree!!
The Stone Ridge campus had a tree decorating benefit with hot coco, cookies, and best of all Christmas music. The Boys had a great time putting the decorations on the tree.

Getting into the festive spirit of Christmas, Cameron and Taylor pose for the camera..

Let's get the BIG MAN (Kyle) to put the tree topper on...

"Merry Christmas from Stone Ridge"
Great Job Boys!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Interior Decorating 101

So we got stuff to decorate the big building and the "new"  tree the Christmas other one was a little too big to fit in the big building! We had a couple of students come up and wrap gifts and to place under the tree and also on the tables as center pieces(pictures coming soon). Here is some of the students that helped.
 It was fun to see how some of these guys wrapped gifts. They eventually asked for helped and did amazing!
I will let you be the judges! Way to go guys!

Shopping for Christmas!!

So we took a few boys downtown shopping for some more Christmas decorations, to spice up the big building and the Christmas tree. It was a fun time with these guys they loved it and were acting like children on Christmas (which they should) so it made it even more fun.
 They found some santa hats and elf ears, and had to try them on!
The scents of the season were all tucked away in these wonderful candles, and then there is Kyle being funny.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rain Rain go away come again another day!

So there has recently been flooding happening in the nearby towns and some of you parents have been getting worried (rightly so) about the safety of your kids. This post is to assure they are safe and the only "flooding" happening at the ranch is some really big puddles and the fact that the little stream now has water running in it! Enjoy the pictures and bring your galoshes (rain boots) when you come for any visits!
 It's going to take more than a little rain to do any damage to the Graduation Monument!
 No horseshoes today fellas!
 Sidewalks are "gleaming" students singing..... Isn't that how the song goes?
 The muddy water doesn't seem to have affected the ducks?
 And here is our little stream about at it's max level!
 The little guy is really trying to rip out some of those cat tails!
 It did clear this little spot out though.
I guess the "rain drop doesn't fall far from the cloud". These clouds encompass the entire ranch! Hopefully the rain will let up a little and we can get outside and enjoy our days again. I will be posting some of the fun activities the students have been doing while cooped up due to the rain, in just a few days.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pep Rally!!!

We had an awesome Pep Rally the other day and the students were going crazy! They love this sort of stuff and it helps build the teamwork and school moral. Here are a couple of pictures from the event. 
Here is the man behind the magic! Robbie is the Athletic Director that put all of this together. Thanks Robbie!
And the boys got the first victory!
Here are our "pump it up" fellas. They did awesome!
The apple stacking started with their mouths and then with their hands it is harder than you think!
So they had to use their "wimpy" hand to pull out the tissues. The boys are a little behind on this one.
Here are the boys cheering on the boys doing the challenges.
Come on man! Don't let a girl beat you!
And the victory goes to the girls!! ouch!
Pick me! Pick me!
This one was hilarious! They had to spin themselves around to unwind the toilet paper roll. The boys won this one! And the students couldn't stand up afterwards they were so dizzy!
Yes that is a pedometer strapped to their head. They have to get the most steps on the pedometer by shaking their head as fast as they can! The most number wins.
Headbanging is back! Go big hair bands!
Before they throw candy.
After they throw candy.
This one they had to transfer the candy by using nothing but a straw!
Justin won this one for the boys! Thanks Justin!
What the boys will do for an oreo?! They had to use just their facial muscles to move the cookie from their forehead to their mouth!
Even the staff got involved with the games, here is Troy and one of the night time staff using the pedometers!
The guys really loved the pep assembly and can't wait for the next one. The sports teams are doing really well this year and we are all looking forward to the rest of the games.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Student of the week monthly benefit!!

On Tuesday night Troy S (Night Time Assistant Campus Director) did the student of the week benefit. We took all the students that had been voted for students of the week by the clinical team and the academic team and the programming team. The boys got ICE CREAM and BROWNIES!
 And the fun begins! The boys made sure there was plenty for everybody. Troy loved the way the boys treated each other and were very grateful.
 Good to the last spoonful!
Now that was good timing! After everyone got their dessert they started the movie "The Last Airbender" the boys really liked it and all the boys are going to strive to come back next time! Good luck guys!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

D-Back Basketball VS Oasis Academy

Diamond Backs recently played the Oasis Academy out of Las Vegas Nevada. Diamond Backs were victorious with a score of 76-46. WAY TO GO GUYS!!!
Made Shots 36
Missed Shots 31
High scorers; Kyle with 26, Brett with 16, and Justin with 11

Campus Workshop

The Campus Workshop this month was about "Discovering Balance". This is the Director level motto, and some of the students were confused of why we would be discussing it. We discussed how you do not have to wait till that level to "start" discovering balance, but at that level you should have a good grasp of it and be able to teach others about how to do it.

We had candy canes as a treat and discussed how a sherperd is in complete control of his flock which translates over to the program that the studnets need to be in complete control and of their program and be proactive in finding solutions on how to make their stay here better and more valuable. This does not mean that they need to run the show but it is up to them to change and accept the advice and consequences that DRA gives and provides for them. The boys did awesome and participated a ton! Here are a couple of the main ideas we discussed and their responses.
1. What are some of the things you need to "balance" at DRA ?
                 a. School
                 b. Family/Vsits
                 c. Level work
2. How do you balance those items?
                 a. Having a plan in place/ Timeline
                 b. Structured Time to do everything.
                 c. Make a list to have in front of you that you can mark off.
                 d. Make Goals
I then posed the question. What would you want your parents to do when you get home to help you meat your goals and balance your lifestyle? The answers were;
1. I wish my parents would follow through with consequences more consistently
2. Have my parents reward positive behavior
3. Have my parents give me more structure so I can't just waste my time.
4. Have a written set of rules so I know exactly what the rules and expectations are (home contract).
5. I just didn't listen to my parents so I need to listen to them, my parents were actually really good.

It was impressive to hear the students accepting and realizing that they "need" and "want" these things like structure and rules. I hope this gives you at home some ideas to work with and help you when it is time to have your students come home or on phone calls and on visits. Even though they might fight it at first know that they are informing me and others of how they want and need these things to be succuessful.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Tree Adventure!!

Sooo we decided to go cut down a "real tree" this year for christmas. The boys were so excited and couldn't wait to go get the biggest and best christmas tree ever! It really brought the holiday spirit to DRA and it should be a lot of fun.

 So as we were driving about 2 miles into our adventure into the mountianside. There was this huge tree fully decorated and sitting on the side of the road! It was hysterical! We had to stop and take a photo!
 After the decorated christmas tree we started out hike!
 There was this really cool looking old tree and the boys wanted to take a picture with it.
 After about 20 minutes into the hike the boys were getting worried we might not make it back to the vehicles so they felt the need to make some signs of where we had been.
 Then they just started drawing all sorts of stuff.
 Then as we always do we wanted to teach them somethings along the way. So we taught them how to get food in the wild!(Bear Grylls style) We showed them where and how to get pinenuts and how to eat them. 
 We new we were close to civilization when we found this door! And yes those are bullet holes in it!
 We met back up with the other group and went together to find the perfect tree.
 We found it!!!!!
 Here is Stephen cutting it down. He was a real lumberjack!
 We have won the fight! Now how do we get this thing back to the Van?
 This is the path the tree left.
 Smile and Wave boys Smile and Wave.....
 So how are we going to do this?
 Many hands make light work. Unless the tree weighs a metric ton!
Time to man up! There is no turning back now!
Almost there!?
 And the victory goes to DRA! It was tough but we made it happen! Good work fellas.
We had to make sure the tag was visible, because you know we are going to draw some attention. Go Griswalds!
This was a ton of fun! The guys had a great time trying to find the perfect christmas tree. We found a bunch that would work but decided on this monster. We will definitely have to do this next year!