Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Campus Workshop

The Campus Workshop this month was about "Discovering Balance". This is the Director level motto, and some of the students were confused of why we would be discussing it. We discussed how you do not have to wait till that level to "start" discovering balance, but at that level you should have a good grasp of it and be able to teach others about how to do it.

We had candy canes as a treat and discussed how a sherperd is in complete control of his flock which translates over to the program that the studnets need to be in complete control and of their program and be proactive in finding solutions on how to make their stay here better and more valuable. This does not mean that they need to run the show but it is up to them to change and accept the advice and consequences that DRA gives and provides for them. The boys did awesome and participated a ton! Here are a couple of the main ideas we discussed and their responses.
1. What are some of the things you need to "balance" at DRA ?
                 a. School
                 b. Family/Vsits
                 c. Level work
2. How do you balance those items?
                 a. Having a plan in place/ Timeline
                 b. Structured Time to do everything.
                 c. Make a list to have in front of you that you can mark off.
                 d. Make Goals
I then posed the question. What would you want your parents to do when you get home to help you meat your goals and balance your lifestyle? The answers were;
1. I wish my parents would follow through with consequences more consistently
2. Have my parents reward positive behavior
3. Have my parents give me more structure so I can't just waste my time.
4. Have a written set of rules so I know exactly what the rules and expectations are (home contract).
5. I just didn't listen to my parents so I need to listen to them, my parents were actually really good.

It was impressive to hear the students accepting and realizing that they "need" and "want" these things like structure and rules. I hope this gives you at home some ideas to work with and help you when it is time to have your students come home or on phone calls and on visits. Even though they might fight it at first know that they are informing me and others of how they want and need these things to be succuessful.

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