Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Tree Adventure!!

Sooo we decided to go cut down a "real tree" this year for christmas. The boys were so excited and couldn't wait to go get the biggest and best christmas tree ever! It really brought the holiday spirit to DRA and it should be a lot of fun.

 So as we were driving about 2 miles into our adventure into the mountianside. There was this huge tree fully decorated and sitting on the side of the road! It was hysterical! We had to stop and take a photo!
 After the decorated christmas tree we started out hike!
 There was this really cool looking old tree and the boys wanted to take a picture with it.
 After about 20 minutes into the hike the boys were getting worried we might not make it back to the vehicles so they felt the need to make some signs of where we had been.
 Then they just started drawing all sorts of stuff.
 Then as we always do we wanted to teach them somethings along the way. So we taught them how to get food in the wild!(Bear Grylls style) We showed them where and how to get pinenuts and how to eat them. 
 We new we were close to civilization when we found this door! And yes those are bullet holes in it!
 We met back up with the other group and went together to find the perfect tree.
 We found it!!!!!
 Here is Stephen cutting it down. He was a real lumberjack!
 We have won the fight! Now how do we get this thing back to the Van?
 This is the path the tree left.
 Smile and Wave boys Smile and Wave.....
 So how are we going to do this?
 Many hands make light work. Unless the tree weighs a metric ton!
Time to man up! There is no turning back now!
Almost there!?
 And the victory goes to DRA! It was tough but we made it happen! Good work fellas.
We had to make sure the tag was visible, because you know we are going to draw some attention. Go Griswalds!
This was a ton of fun! The guys had a great time trying to find the perfect christmas tree. We found a bunch that would work but decided on this monster. We will definitely have to do this next year!


  1. Nice trees boys- what kind of stand did you use to hold this up- i can not wait to see photos of the decorations.Really love the random christmas tree in the woods photo. Merry Christmas

  2. Come on Brigham, get under it more and lift with your arms, not your legs. J/K. Glad to see my bro having a great time and enjoying what he does.