Thursday, December 2, 2010

D-Back basketball

The boys basketbal team went to Las Vegas this last week and played 2 games. We won both games!! First game was 54-27 and the second game was 60-24.
Here is the huddle at eh beginning of the second game, the biys were pretty tired but gave 110% and pulled out W for the D-Backs.
 Here is one of our defensive sets, these guys had 15 steals between the 2 games!
 Is that Kobe and Lebron? Who knows.
 Here we are hustling back to get on D.
 Justin was having a great time! And so was everyone else!
 Kyle was really wanting the ball. He did really good in the games.
The boys made over 60% of their free throws during the games.
 Here is one of the 6 different three point plays that we scored.
The boys basketball team is doing really well. We won our first city league game on Wed. 63-60. We are 2-0 in our division and 1-3 in the city league. The city league is with the guys that are ex college players and are a few years older but it is great practice for us.

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