Friday, December 3, 2010

Panguitch tournament Scores

Sorry for not having pictures with this one but i wanted to get you folks the scores. We played on Thursday night in Panguitch and it was really exciting. We won our first game by 31 points after being down 15 at the half!. The guys really hustled the last half!. The second game was even more intense and had everyone out of their seats! This is why there is no pictures we were going crazy just watching the game! The D-Backs were down by 16 at the half again and were tired from the first game, but the guys pulled strength from down deep and we had a tie game with 4 minutes left!!! Now is when it gets insane! We went back and forth with the score up by 3 down by 1 etc.. We had three 3 point plays that really got the other team frustrated and got us really amped, our bench and the fans were cheering the D-Backs on as much as they could (everyone that was there lost their voice by the end). We came to the final 7 seconds and the other team came down the floor and they got foul. The player missed the first one then made the second. DRA was down by 2 and we had the ball!. We passed it in and got it to our one of our guys outside the arc and he put it up with 1 second left!!!! ................It hit the front of the rim!! The other team recovered it and won. We fought hard and the boys learned some really good lessons and had a extremely fun time. Hope to have more games like that one only with a W at the end!.

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