Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rain Rain go away come again another day!

So there has recently been flooding happening in the nearby towns and some of you parents have been getting worried (rightly so) about the safety of your kids. This post is to assure they are safe and the only "flooding" happening at the ranch is some really big puddles and the fact that the little stream now has water running in it! Enjoy the pictures and bring your galoshes (rain boots) when you come for any visits!
 It's going to take more than a little rain to do any damage to the Graduation Monument!
 No horseshoes today fellas!
 Sidewalks are "gleaming" students singing..... Isn't that how the song goes?
 The muddy water doesn't seem to have affected the ducks?
 And here is our little stream about at it's max level!
 The little guy is really trying to rip out some of those cat tails!
 It did clear this little spot out though.
I guess the "rain drop doesn't fall far from the cloud". These clouds encompass the entire ranch! Hopefully the rain will let up a little and we can get outside and enjoy our days again. I will be posting some of the fun activities the students have been doing while cooped up due to the rain, in just a few days.

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