Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great American/DRA pastime-- Baseball !!

The Diamondbacks had one of their first games the other day and did really well!! They had a ton of fun as well. Here are just a couple of pictures of the game. Enjoy.
 Justin bringing the heat! He pitched for 6 of 7 innings!
 Caught him looking!
 This move is called the "limbo"! That was a close call!!
 Hanging out in the dugout.
 Nice Poke! Atta Kid
 This guy might have been an ex golfer! But still a nice hit.
 DRA came out with another "W" way to go guys!!
A little congratulations after the game from BO(head coach).

Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Muddy Buddies"

This upper level meeting was talking about the "Buddy System" and how it applies to DRA and dealing other students in the dorms. And how if the upper levels "stick" together then they can influence the other students to do well and in a positive way. In order to demonstrate this we came up with the analogy of "Muddy Buddies" and how they have to be sticky to be good and how you need the right ingredients.
 Here is the goods to make them "sticky".
Here is the first part of the process, "budding" the chocolate and peanut butter to the chex cereal.

And then the final step of the powder sugar that makes them taste amazing. A little "shake and bake" action!
The students loved it and the muddy buddies tasted amazing afterwards we watched a movie while we ate the goodies!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weeds are No Match for US!!

We had an opportunity to go help the local town with a service project. They asked us to help burn some of the weeds they had building up in the drainage ditches around town. We first started off with some snacks that they brought!! What teenage boy doesn't like food?

 Fueling up for the hard days work!!

 It was good to see the boys digging in and not worrying about getting dirty!!

 There were more weeds than you can "shake a stick at"!!!

 BuRn BaBY BurN!!

 Here are some proud boys after a "Hard days work"!!

 3 Amigos!!
The boys did really well and worked hard and impressed the city manager with how they just "dug in" and got it done quick. the city manager was surprised we did TWICE the work he expected!! He said "These boys really know how to work".

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tools of the Trade!!

We had our weekly upper level meeting last night and we discussed, "WhAt ToOls Do yOu HaVe in YoUr Tool BeLt?"
I brought in my tool belt from home and a few tools. We then discussed how DRA is your tool belt, when your parents brought you to DRA they gave you a metaphorical tool belt.
Then at DRA you were given a wide assortment of tools to use and put in your tool belt i.e. color code, man's search for meaning, 7 Habits, as a man thinketh, Academics, Study Skills, etc...
After DRA gives you those tools and shows you how to use them through first hand experience and repitition, it is up to you to perform and build something with them. Build and shape your future, your family relationship, and your lifestyle.

Here is a couple of the guys sporting the ToOls Of ThE TrAde.

The guys had fun with this and are excited about building their future the way they want it. They were making comments of how they feel like they have more control of their situations and life now that they are at DRA and have these tools. Good Luck Guys!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

2 In the same week!!

Will C graduated on Friday. Will is best remembered for his funny personality and his quiet dimeanor. Also he will be remembered for his sweet robot moves and also the huge amount of help he was always willing to give to other students.
 Will C had some troubles getting his plaque put up but finally got it!!
 Proud graduate!
 Mike M graduated on friday as well! He will best be remembered for his tenacity and second efforts! He was a great example to other students and loved to serve others around him staff and students alike.
Mike had to move his plaque after trying to hammer it into a knot in the log. But again with his awesome second effort he made it happen.

Miracle week at DRA!!

Hank Ombach lived in Amsterdam during the reign of Hitler. He and his family housed a family of Jews in their home during this time. He related his story to the youth and how he and his family overcame adversity. He also talked to them about doing what your parents tell you to do. His father was the one housing the jews and Hank didn't like it but did exactly wha this father asked him to do. He was placed in some very risky and dangerous situations by his father but still had respect and love for his dad.
Hank was a hilarious speaker and had a very cool accent as well.

Next we were pleased to hear from Matt Blanchard. He is a local man that has been paralyzed in an accident. Matt came and shared his story wioth us and how he had been through alot of pain and suffering but still was able to keep his head held high and make the best of things. But that is not all!! Matt's story differs from a lot of other peoples that are like him in wheelchairs. Matt didn't listen to the doctors when they said he wouldn't be bale to walk again. Matt just wasn't going to accept that.
Matt explained that if you want something bad enough go out and get it!!!
Matt can now walk with just the assisitance of some crutches. He has been paralyzed for over 5 years and just recently has been able to walk with the crutches. He showed all of us that it might take time but anything is possible!!