Thursday, March 3, 2011

Miracle week at DRA!!

Hank Ombach lived in Amsterdam during the reign of Hitler. He and his family housed a family of Jews in their home during this time. He related his story to the youth and how he and his family overcame adversity. He also talked to them about doing what your parents tell you to do. His father was the one housing the jews and Hank didn't like it but did exactly wha this father asked him to do. He was placed in some very risky and dangerous situations by his father but still had respect and love for his dad.
Hank was a hilarious speaker and had a very cool accent as well.

Next we were pleased to hear from Matt Blanchard. He is a local man that has been paralyzed in an accident. Matt came and shared his story wioth us and how he had been through alot of pain and suffering but still was able to keep his head held high and make the best of things. But that is not all!! Matt's story differs from a lot of other peoples that are like him in wheelchairs. Matt didn't listen to the doctors when they said he wouldn't be bale to walk again. Matt just wasn't going to accept that.
Matt explained that if you want something bad enough go out and get it!!!
Matt can now walk with just the assisitance of some crutches. He has been paralyzed for over 5 years and just recently has been able to walk with the crutches. He showed all of us that it might take time but anything is possible!!

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