Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Muddy Buddies"

This upper level meeting was talking about the "Buddy System" and how it applies to DRA and dealing other students in the dorms. And how if the upper levels "stick" together then they can influence the other students to do well and in a positive way. In order to demonstrate this we came up with the analogy of "Muddy Buddies" and how they have to be sticky to be good and how you need the right ingredients.
 Here is the goods to make them "sticky".
Here is the first part of the process, "budding" the chocolate and peanut butter to the chex cereal.

And then the final step of the powder sugar that makes them taste amazing. A little "shake and bake" action!
The students loved it and the muddy buddies tasted amazing afterwards we watched a movie while we ate the goodies!!

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