Friday, March 4, 2011

Tools of the Trade!!

We had our weekly upper level meeting last night and we discussed, "WhAt ToOls Do yOu HaVe in YoUr Tool BeLt?"
I brought in my tool belt from home and a few tools. We then discussed how DRA is your tool belt, when your parents brought you to DRA they gave you a metaphorical tool belt.
Then at DRA you were given a wide assortment of tools to use and put in your tool belt i.e. color code, man's search for meaning, 7 Habits, as a man thinketh, Academics, Study Skills, etc...
After DRA gives you those tools and shows you how to use them through first hand experience and repitition, it is up to you to perform and build something with them. Build and shape your future, your family relationship, and your lifestyle.

Here is a couple of the guys sporting the ToOls Of ThE TrAde.

The guys had fun with this and are excited about building their future the way they want it. They were making comments of how they feel like they have more control of their situations and life now that they are at DRA and have these tools. Good Luck Guys!!!

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