Monday, March 14, 2011

Weeds are No Match for US!!

We had an opportunity to go help the local town with a service project. They asked us to help burn some of the weeds they had building up in the drainage ditches around town. We first started off with some snacks that they brought!! What teenage boy doesn't like food?

 Fueling up for the hard days work!!

 It was good to see the boys digging in and not worrying about getting dirty!!

 There were more weeds than you can "shake a stick at"!!!

 BuRn BaBY BurN!!

 Here are some proud boys after a "Hard days work"!!

 3 Amigos!!
The boys did really well and worked hard and impressed the city manager with how they just "dug in" and got it done quick. the city manager was surprised we did TWICE the work he expected!! He said "These boys really know how to work".

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