Friday, April 29, 2011

Therapy made FUN!!

We had a "Therapy Day" where all the inside students participated in different group therapy activities. The boys really loved this one!! There are about 4 different stations and this is the one I was helping with. the boys were learning team work and how if a positive team is put together they accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. And that it symbolized picking good friends when you go home and making sure they are a "positive team".  The boys really gave it their all at first before recieving any guidance. the boys were simply told to get their group of friends over not under the rope with out touching it! Here are some of the attempts.
 The Fireman!

 The head over heels!
 The Frogger!
 The Cheerleader
 The Please Don't Drop Me!!
 The Piggy Back!
 1.. 2....3...!
 The Torpedo!
 The Tea Kettle!
 Hey I need my arm back!
 Now let's get some help. Kade and Nathan discussed what options were working a little and what ones were not working at all. Then they gave some helpful hints.
 Now the groups really started to make some progress!
 Sometimes the students forgot their role but overall they did well.
 One of the hints they were given was to stay stiff as a board.
 Getting close to the rope!!
 Sit back and enjoy the ride!!
It was really cool to see the boys get everybody over the rope!
Then Kade processed the whole thing with the guys. They had a blast!!  The guys are really excited for the next Therapy Day!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Let your results talk not your words!!

The an upper level meeting we had a few weeks ago (sorry for not posting this sooner) we talked about "letting our results talk instead of our words".  We discussed how we should not tell people about how hard we are working or all the stuff that we did to get a certian result or NOT get a certian result, but rather let our actions speak for us. It seems too common place to tell people how hard we are working to get them to either feel bad for us or make acceptions for us. This should not be the case. The boys really liked the meeting and had a very energetic attitude after the meeting and wanted to change the world!! Here is a picture of the "fellas" or upper levels and 2 guests that were invited to the meeting.
Let's go change the world!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Best Benefit Ever!

The BEST Benefit Ever!
"Who's having a GOOD TIME?"
The students were treated to a BBQ and a Softball Game.


Stone Ridge Lettin' it Loose in the Dance Off!

We had a dance off between Lava Falls and Stone Ridge to see who got to eat first. 
Naturally Stone Ridge won!


Brian Showing off some of his MOVES!

Nothing like a Burger hot off the Grill!

Gabe and J.T. were the Golden Ticket winners!

Good Food, Good Friends, and Good Fun!

Softball Anyone?
We had a tournament between Lava Falls and Stone Ridge.  The game ended in a 2-2 tie.
What good sportsmanship!
What's a BBQ without an After Party?
We had a movie following the BBQ and had a great time and some good cookies.