Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Off to the RACES!!

We had our annual field day the other day and it was amazing! Everyone had a blast doing all the fun events from the running, tug a war, and food challenges. There was truly something for everyone! Here are a few pics from the events, enjoy!
One of the first heats in the 50yd.  
 Anthony stepped out to a quick lead on this 50yd.
 Good heat on the 50yd dash.
 Runners lining up for the mile!

 Trevor took this one all the way!
 It was a photo finish on this one!
 Chris pulled out in front on this one.
 This was a good heat for the 100 yd dash.
 The 400 yard dash is tough!
 Kyle takes the lead!!
Guys jumping for candy that was launched into the stands. It was really cool and the weather was perfect!!

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