Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Snow Cone Monday!!

"Snokaps" is little puffs of heavenly goodness that melts in your mouth!! The boys loved the cool treat on hot day. Some of the guys had never had "shaved ice"!
 The guys were like kids at a candy store!! There is a lot of flavors so it was tough to decide!
 Sorry for the funny smiles the sun was in their eyes! Ha Ha
 We finished the treats at the park and had an awesome meeting about looking for "brightspots" in their days.
 We played ULTIMATE FRISBEE afterwards and it started out pretty slow.
 It started getting pretty fast paced and the guys got into it and were having a blast.
 They didn't want to stop and we were actually a little late for dinner.
 It was good to see the guys really playing well together and they even played with some of the kids that were at the park! They had an awesome time and they had some really good ideas about the positive things about the ranch and how to help the other students.

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