Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Artists!! at DRA

The students have recently started to display some of their art work they have done. The art teacher Rod has done some really amazing work with the youth in teaching them the skills they need to do gorgeous art work. Here are a few of the pieces on display right now in the boys big building.

Come see the real thing on your next visit!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

DRA Football Camp!!

The Football Team was lucky enough to be able to go to this beautiful Oasis in the desert hills on Friday!! The not so good news for them is that they had to travel by foot to get there! At first the struggle was not that bad until the legs start to burn and you still cannot see the finish line (kinda like a marathon). Then the teamwork comes into play and the "natural leaders" come out and start to motivate and push the other players to do their absolute best!! It is an awesome spectacle to witness!! Then  the players see this waterfall in the distance and realize why the coaches have brought them here and the tears start to flow freely and the chants and screams of joy can be heard for miles and everyone picks up speed and in that moment the players go from a "selfish one man show" to a TEAM that will never be broken!
 Here they are eating a "simple" lunch before the Luau that was planned for dinner! (they didn't know that either).
 Here is a few boys packing their lunches to get the "good" seats.
 Your 2011 DRA football team!! Let's take state fellas!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pie eating contest!! Summer Bash

At the end of the summer fun day the guys were able to participate in a pie eating contest!! The students were really excited for this event and all started bragging how many pies they could eat. Every year they say 5 or 6 whole pies but due to the limited amount of sweets in their diet at the ranch they usually have a hard time putting away more than one slice. It is still really fun!
On your mark...... get set.......... GO!!!
Faces of a job well done!!
Some tried to save a bit for a snack later on!
Nick can really get into a slice of pie!
Chayton just really wanted a gotee!
Nick was ahead at this point!!
Ryan was scoping out the competition.....
Jake had to take a break to catch his breath!!!
Scott said he was just really happy to get some pie!
Anthony tried to keep it off his face but then couldn't resist!
Iain was going for the "clown" look he said..

The boys had a blast at all the different events and are really excited for the next big thing!! They all slept amazing that night even thought they had more sugar than normal!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Swimming in the Pond!! Summer Bash

After the Human Battleships the students were able to go to the lower pond and go swimming. We provided canoes and life vests and life gaurds to make sure everyone was safe.
There was another person taking this picture and I just happened to get them this way!
 It was funny to see the students getting impatient and then tipping the canoes and when they would "jump ship".!!
 These guys definitely had safety on their minds, way to go guys!!
 A few of the boys tried to get rid of their summer "farmer tans" by taking off their shirts and it made it easier to swim as well.
 Soren taking a leisurely swim.
 A lot of the boys had some pretty good tricks! Here is a pair of backflips!!
 These guys could not manage to keep their canoe on top of the water!! Man over board!!
It was a really fun day and the boys were totally beat after swimming and so we did............coming soon!

Human Battle Ships Summer Bash

After the BBQ we went to "Human Battleship" with Water Balloons!! This was a really fun event the boys were on the volleyball court and there was a tarp over the net so they could not see the other side. Then they lined up in a "ship" and could not move. Then the other team would launch water balloons over the tarp trying to hit and knockout one of the players. If the player was tagged with a water balloon then he sat out.
Here are a few pics from the event.
 Getting lined up in battle formations!
Guys were trying to not look up for the water balloons that were coming so they wouldn't be tempted to move.  
 This team watched with great anticipation! The other team had an orchestrated attack right at this ship!
 This team survived quite a few attacks and then...........
 Notice the red balloon that is headed straight for the last man on the ship!!
This one barely missed his head and he stayed in the game to "fight another day"!!
It was really cool to see the boys coming together to play this game and have a blast doing it! 

BBQ for Summer Bash

We had our Summer Bash on the 6th of July this year and it was a blast!! We started off with a Movie at the theatres(sorry I didn't have my camera to take pictures at the theatre) and the boys were really well behaved and enjoyed it thoroughly! Then we came back to the Ranch and and had an amazing BBQ with Hamburgers and Hotdogs and got to watch a bunch of students and staff get dunked in the dunk tank!!
 Growing boys can really put away the food!!
 I believe everyone is laughing because one of the staff just got dunked in the tank!
 The dunk tank was pretty distracting but really fun to watch.
 Couple of guys enjoying their meal!
 Too busy eating to smile for this one!
There will be other blogs coming soon with the rest of the activities we did on the Summer Bash!

Dorm 7 Popsicle Stand

The students in dorm 7 decided to have a popsicle stand for the other students at recreation the other day. It was a blast and the guys loved it!!
 Stone Ridge came through first.
 This picture caught one of the students off guard and it was hilarious to see the differnce between these two.
 After the popsicle stand we had a B-Ball tournament!! Here are a few pictures of the tournament!

The guys loved the tournament and were dead tired afterwards. It was really fun to watch as well!!