Friday, July 8, 2011

Human Battle Ships Summer Bash

After the BBQ we went to "Human Battleship" with Water Balloons!! This was a really fun event the boys were on the volleyball court and there was a tarp over the net so they could not see the other side. Then they lined up in a "ship" and could not move. Then the other team would launch water balloons over the tarp trying to hit and knockout one of the players. If the player was tagged with a water balloon then he sat out.
Here are a few pics from the event.
 Getting lined up in battle formations!
Guys were trying to not look up for the water balloons that were coming so they wouldn't be tempted to move.  
 This team watched with great anticipation! The other team had an orchestrated attack right at this ship!
 This team survived quite a few attacks and then...........
 Notice the red balloon that is headed straight for the last man on the ship!!
This one barely missed his head and he stayed in the game to "fight another day"!!
It was really cool to see the boys coming together to play this game and have a blast doing it! 

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