Friday, July 8, 2011

BBQ for Summer Bash

We had our Summer Bash on the 6th of July this year and it was a blast!! We started off with a Movie at the theatres(sorry I didn't have my camera to take pictures at the theatre) and the boys were really well behaved and enjoyed it thoroughly! Then we came back to the Ranch and and had an amazing BBQ with Hamburgers and Hotdogs and got to watch a bunch of students and staff get dunked in the dunk tank!!
 Growing boys can really put away the food!!
 I believe everyone is laughing because one of the staff just got dunked in the tank!
 The dunk tank was pretty distracting but really fun to watch.
 Couple of guys enjoying their meal!
 Too busy eating to smile for this one!
There will be other blogs coming soon with the rest of the activities we did on the Summer Bash!

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  1. Great pictures! So nice to see my boy's beautiful smile :)