Sunday, July 17, 2011

DRA Football Camp!!

The Football Team was lucky enough to be able to go to this beautiful Oasis in the desert hills on Friday!! The not so good news for them is that they had to travel by foot to get there! At first the struggle was not that bad until the legs start to burn and you still cannot see the finish line (kinda like a marathon). Then the teamwork comes into play and the "natural leaders" come out and start to motivate and push the other players to do their absolute best!! It is an awesome spectacle to witness!! Then  the players see this waterfall in the distance and realize why the coaches have brought them here and the tears start to flow freely and the chants and screams of joy can be heard for miles and everyone picks up speed and in that moment the players go from a "selfish one man show" to a TEAM that will never be broken!
 Here they are eating a "simple" lunch before the Luau that was planned for dinner! (they didn't know that either).
 Here is a few boys packing their lunches to get the "good" seats.
 Your 2011 DRA football team!! Let's take state fellas!!

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