Monday, July 11, 2011

Pie eating contest!! Summer Bash

At the end of the summer fun day the guys were able to participate in a pie eating contest!! The students were really excited for this event and all started bragging how many pies they could eat. Every year they say 5 or 6 whole pies but due to the limited amount of sweets in their diet at the ranch they usually have a hard time putting away more than one slice. It is still really fun!
On your mark...... get set.......... GO!!!
Faces of a job well done!!
Some tried to save a bit for a snack later on!
Nick can really get into a slice of pie!
Chayton just really wanted a gotee!
Nick was ahead at this point!!
Ryan was scoping out the competition.....
Jake had to take a break to catch his breath!!!
Scott said he was just really happy to get some pie!
Anthony tried to keep it off his face but then couldn't resist!
Iain was going for the "clown" look he said..

The boys had a blast at all the different events and are really excited for the next big thing!! They all slept amazing that night even thought they had more sugar than normal!!

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