Friday, July 8, 2011

Swimming in the Pond!! Summer Bash

After the Human Battleships the students were able to go to the lower pond and go swimming. We provided canoes and life vests and life gaurds to make sure everyone was safe.
There was another person taking this picture and I just happened to get them this way!
 It was funny to see the students getting impatient and then tipping the canoes and when they would "jump ship".!!
 These guys definitely had safety on their minds, way to go guys!!
 A few of the boys tried to get rid of their summer "farmer tans" by taking off their shirts and it made it easier to swim as well.
 Soren taking a leisurely swim.
 A lot of the boys had some pretty good tricks! Here is a pair of backflips!!
 These guys could not manage to keep their canoe on top of the water!! Man over board!!
It was a really fun day and the boys were totally beat after swimming and so we did............coming soon!


  1. Looks like the boys had a blast! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!

  2. Beautiful and fun. Blessings to all who coordinated this day and all those who were blessed by the activities.
    Christine H