Monday, August 29, 2011

Art Therapy

During group therapy today one of our therapist Nathan, did an awesome group where the students made 2 sided masks!! One side was what they thought they looked like and the other one was what they thought everyone else thought they looked like. Here are a few pics of what they came up with..
 Here is Alec working hard on his.
 It was really cool to see everyone working together on them and giving each other "tips" on what to draw.
 This was a really happy looking face..
 Is this meaning he is blushing all the time?? This one turned out very nice.
 Eric was doing an amazing job on his masks.
This was one of the masks that the students thought other people thought of him. It is supposed to be a "shady character".
This is Nathan finishing up the group. The boys really liked the group and had some really good insight as well.

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