Friday, August 12, 2011

Black and White Scrimmage

White team trying to look tough.
Black at their best.
Do the chickens have sharp tallons? It was a game about who could catch the chicken the fastest.
Taking care of business. The champion.
Don't try this at home. Fitting as many marshmallows in your mouth as they can and saying chubby bunny afterwards.
Chubby bunny!
Team Diamondbacks. Preparing to get ready for the road to take state!
Bring the "big hair bands" back. Nick was the true headbaning champion.( he had a pedometer tied to his head and had to get as many counts on it as he could by moving his head)
Teach me how to dougie!! Ryan showing people how to dance.
Its harder then you think. Catching oreos in your mouth from your fourhead.
Team white trying to prepare for some true competition.
Team black preping for the battle!!

The students had a blast at the pep rally and the football team did amazing. it looks like it will be a good year for DRA. Good luck to all the guys that are playing.... See you at STATE!!

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