Monday, August 22, 2011

Golf Course work project

 We had a service project at Kokapelli golf course today. It was really fun we were able to see the entire golf course and the amazing views!! It was hard work and in the blazing heat!! Most of the boys have a really good work ethic and attitude about helping others...Here are a few pics of the service project...
 This was after the service project right by the club house!
 Here is a picture of one of the students working hard....This is a effect on the camera but thought it looked cool..
 Here is a couple of students walking across the course after raking a sand pit. This picture shows how hot is was there!
 These 2 guys were just finishing up the sand trap and taking a bit of a break..
Here we are all lined in our golf carts.. The boys enjoyed this part the most....
It looked like were in some sort of parade!! But it was really fun..

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