Friday, September 23, 2011

Putting the level work to the test!!

Tonight we had a meeting with some of the boys and discussed how they can use their level work in their lives when they get back home. We even gave them a little test?? We watched the movie Hitch and then had the boys descibe and say what personalities the 5 main characters were. This is what the majority said:
Hitch: Blue/Yellow
Sarah M: Red/Blue
Albert B: White/Yellow
Allegra C: Blue/White
Casey Sarah's Friend: Blue/Yellow

Let us know what you think by emailing your campus director or by sending an email to your son. Did they pick right or wrong?????

Monday, September 12, 2011

Game Night

Lately I have been asked by students "What can I do when I get home to stay away from the bad influences?" And my response was, "What did you do for fun?". Surprisingly there were a lot of different answers. Here were some;
1. I would hang with my friends.
2. I would make things like oragami.
3. Watch movies.
4. Go to the mall.
So a couple fo the staff and I got together and decided to teach the boys some of the games and things we do for fun that are clean and sober activities. We taught them different card games and got some really cheap treats and had a blast!!! The boys said they forgot how much fun they could have doing these types of things. We then encouraged all of them to use the games on their visits and home visits. So parents please ask your students (if they are in the pictures) to teach you some of the games they learned next visit...
 Can't go wrong with some refreshing SPRITE!
 Some cheap snacks and a few decks of cards and we are ready to go!
 These guys were playing NERTZ and FARKLE.
 These guys played Pirates Dice. Arrgh matey!
 Jeremy headed up an intense game of NINES.
This was the second table of NERTZ, the guys thought it was confusing at first but got into it later on. So enjoy guys and thanks for having a blast with us!!