Thursday, October 13, 2011

Newest Advancements!

Here are our newest Supervisors and Manager.
 Way to go man!
 He finally took charge of his program!
 He couldn't stop smiling!
Upper Level status here I come!

From Chips to Nachos!

Tonight we had an upper level meeting and discussed being committed to the program and the process. We watched the movie Avatar and related to the boys and their programs. We also gave the boys plain tortilla chips and discussed how these are good but not great, we related the chips to them when they first get here and were in O&A. Then we had warm Nacho Cheese Sauce and gave them more chips and this time they got the Nacho Cheese on top of the chips and we related it to them now.And how they are getting better as a person and a Family...
 The guys said it reminded them of the swimming pool in the summer and getting them at the snack shop.
This was taken late at night and they all still smiled for the camera! They really did have a great time.

DRA's Got Talent

We had DRA's Got Talent yesterday and there was some really good acts. We also were able to see the Drama Club perform some of the scenes they will be doing this weekend at the Festival. Here are just a few of the boys that played guitars and sang. Unfortunately there were no entries this time from the Stone Ridge Boys. It was a country theme this time and the boys didn't feel confident with their ability to "go country"...
 He could play really well, he played a Jack Johnson song.
 Here are the SR boys watching but not performing.
These 2 boys made an original piece that sounded really good.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tough game for the D-Back Football team

Football had a tough game against Duchene. The team started off in really good spirits. As you can see from the photo on one of the kickoffs where the guys on the sideline are chanting and yelling with their helmets raised. Here are a couple pictures from the game for you to see if you were unable to watch the live stream..

 Defense was tough with all the different looks that Duchene gave us with each play.
 There were some pretty hard hits during the game like this one. Too bad there isn't sound on this!
The night ended pretty dark and gloomy but the D Backs will bounce back.