Friday, November 25, 2011

Pumkins and Donuts

Who doesn't love a good glazed donut? Yes there was a bit of a twist on it. It was hanging and you couldn't use your hands!!!
 Some of these guys took awhile to eat the whole donut.
 Some just kicked back and relaxed in the shade while playing the game.
 Big bites like this seem to work the best.
 No hands fellas! Yes that is fake blood on the staff :)
Then top it all off with some eyeballs for a snack! 

Mega Slide

The MEGA SLIDE was pretty fun. They was a few rug burns from it but that didn't stop the boys!
 Face first is way more fun!
 You go! No you go!
 Where the heck am I?

The Gauntlet!

The students loved this event they spent a lot of time at this one. You might think it would be a good time to take out aggression on someone but, for the most part it was just clean fun that became a riot to watch.
 The stand off!
 One foot style!
 Hasn't felt the pain yet!
 The wind up!
Please tell him to not break my 2 foot boundary! :)

Staff can have fun too!!

During the Halloween Party some of our staff decided to get into the halloween spirit! Here are just a few of the costumes that showed up! See if you can find out who they are!

Is that Micheal Jackson??

 "Shall I excuse myself I feel overly dressed for the event?"
This one might be a little harder to find out but just think," who else is going to ride a horse"??

Thursday, November 3, 2011

HAlloWeEn Day!!

Halloween Day started around 11:30am and this is the scene they walked down to from their big building. It was like Christmas for them!!
 As the boys were walking down and saw this they started to get really excited and some even screamed like little children.

Then they were gentlemen that let the Ladies eat first as they watched with great anticipation.......
 Then it was time for lunch! It was a ton of food and it was Delicious!
 Here is one happy kid after getting his plate..
 Connor couldn't wait to eat his food not even for a photo!
Mike and Ryan got a kick out of Nathan's costume!
We had a bunch of staff dress up and they are on the next blog!