Monday, December 26, 2011

Charlie Brown Christmas Eve

This year for Christmas Eve we had the boys involved in a little competition. We wanted them to decorate the dorm with Christmas decorations but only using the items they are given on a daily basis. This was to help them remember that Christmas is about giving not just recieving. The boys did amazing and here is some of their handy work!

Not a bad sign to be greeted with in a dorm? 
 I particularly like the fireplace!
 This is truly a made from scratch Christmas tree!
 Charlie Brown's tree has got nothing on this one!!
 Who doesn't need a Christmas Frog!
 These guys were all about the signs not the tree!
Who needs interior decorators when you got these guys!!!

 The youth had an amazing time with this even though it was a joke in a way it gave the students a little more Christmas spirit and they showed ti throughout the following day on Christmas. They were all so thankful for the small gifts they recieved. They got the true meaning of Christmas "giving and not just recieving", as well as gifts of service and gifts from the heart are worth more than any toy or electronic!! 

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