Friday, February 24, 2012

Group Day!

Group Therapy Day was awesome! The therapists did an amazing job with having thoughtful and entertaining games and projects for the students.
 On this one they had to lower a pole as a team and keep it perfectly level the whole time and learn to work as a team! It was really hard!
 Here they had to walk on crates and pass them to move in around a course. The students had 2 crates less then the nimber of students on their team.
Multiple teams had to start over due to falling or messing around and not working as a team.
In the end it went really well and the guys learned some really good lessons on Friends and what friends to choose. It was cool to see how the therapists and students were able to process all the events and enjoy themselves so much. Thanks Clinical!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Super Bowl Party!

We had our annual Super Bowl Party this year on the Monday following the game. It went really well the staff and boys did good with not telling each other who won. There were a lot of Giants fans so it was really fun to have them all celebrate afterwards. Sorry Patriot fans it was a hard loss. We started the big game with a BBQ and chips and drinks. The guys loved it.
Can't have a football party without Chips!
 Gotta have something to wash it down with too...
 It was an intense game! Everyone was watching so quietly!
 It was just as quiet and nervous the first quarter as the fourth quarter!
 Then came the Halftime treats!
We want to thank the cooks for making the treats! They were delicious!