Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Halo and Ice cream with a twist!

For the upper level meeting last week we had a Halo tournament and ice cream. However this was not just your average "hey let's get together and play some video games" type of halo tournament. This one had a purpose! We deliberately stacked one of the teams and even with lower level students. Then the lower level team never had to switch, they were allowed to play the entire time. The other team that was composed of the upper level students (there was 15 of them) had to switch around each game and so they only got to play a couple of times. This was designed to frustrate the upper level students by having it "seem" unfair.
It is cool to see some of the talents that some of the boys have.
In the end we had a meeting over ice cream and discussed how sometimes "life gives you lemons and your have to make lemonade". We related it to how in life there are times and people that seem unfair, but that it should not get us down or frustrate us to the point of giving up on our goals and aspirations. It went really good and the boys shared some really cool experiences about how they have used DRA to help them make "lemonade"! 

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