Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring is Back!!!

Pickleball happens to be one of the most fun sports to play. Anyone can play and do fairly well. We took a bunch of the boys down to the local courts and played for a couple of hours. We played "King of the Court" and everyone had a ton of fun!  Staff and Students were able to hangout and enjoy each other and see just how competitive some people can be!
First match on the King's Court
These 2 guys went undefeated against students and only lost once to the staff team!
Just having fun..
These guys got fairly competitive during this game, and finally pulled out a victory
They made it to the King's Court but lost their first match there.
These 2 were having a lot of fun and even tried to hit it as high as they could.
Trever hopped in and played for a game and enjoyed it a lot playing with the students!
Did that go out?
 The King Court with the staff!!
There is nothing like a SNOWCONE on a hot day after playing pickleball!!

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