Thursday, August 2, 2012

After the dunk tank we went swimming and had backflip contests.. It was so much fun, then we went to the relay games and ended with a pie eating contest! Overall it was an amazing day...
 Canoe racing!
 Backflip contests
 Perfect landing!
 Relay water games! This was way fun as it was extremely hot!
 Jeremy trying to motivate his team to hurry up..
 Looks like it tasted good!
Maybe a little too much on your face and not enough in your mouth....

Dunk Tank

Summer Fun day started with a movie at the theatre and then we started right in on the dunk tank!! ?The kids had a blast with this as they were getting wet or able to take out some frustrations in a positive manner.
Here are a few photos of the dunk tank experience.
 This guy was brave enough to go first!!

 Even the staff got involved! Gus the kitchen staff was the first to go.
 Then Shane M the Daytime Assistant.
 Ice cold bath!
 Very refreshing!