Friday, May 10, 2013

Let the Crossfit Games begin!!

This week we had our annual "Field Day"! This year we added a little twist and used the new Crossfit workouts as our theme. It was awesome! The boys were competitive and had so much fun. Here is a sample of some of the events......
 We had the boys volunteer for however many events they wanted, this event involved pullups, pushups, and air squats. We had the Staff as coaches for the guys as they went through the workouts and it was really good to see how hard the boys were able to push themselves.

 This events was strictly running! They had to do a "ladder" the entire length of the field! This means they had to touch every 10 yard line and go back to the start then go to the next one and back to the start. It was really tough and they were almost walking at the end of it....
 It may look like they are resting but they are just waiting for the whistle to begin. :) This one they did 25 situps, 25 burpees, and then 25 air squats!
 Halfway through the situps.....
 Now onto the burpees!! I am so proud of how the Stone Ridge guys did on all the events and how hard they pushed themselves.
 We had the soccer coach come out and do a game where the boys tried to see how many times they could tap the soccer ball without it hitting the ground. Connor did 370 times and took first place!!!
 This event involved clean and jerks then running 400 meters and pullups... They had to do all of these 3 times for a timed event!! As you can see from their faces it was not easy! 
 We also had some fun games in between events so the guys could rest if they did more than 2 events. This one they had to hit the ping pong ball with a flipper and try to get it in the ice chest. Not as easy as it sounds, you might want to try this one at home......
 Then we had them use squirt guns and shoot their partner in the mouth then he had to use that water to fill up a cup. Whoever filled it up the fastest won!

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