Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July!

 The 4th of July was awesome this year! It started off with a few students going to the local parade and then volunteered to help with some of the games for the smaller kids, They had a blast and then came back for a BBQ, Movie, Basketball Tourney, and an Auction. While the few students were away at the parade the rest of us had Water Games all morning including Water Kickball, Slip n Slide races, and Water Volleyball. ( More pictures to come) Here are a couple of photos of the events....

Service with a Smile!! 

 Arts and crafts time! The students decorated a paper with their favorite theme..

Water Volleyball was a HIT! 

This may look easy however it was pretty hard!
Thanks for having an extremely fun day guys, Parents I will add another blog with more photos soon....